Mycest Arduino ESP32 IoT (MIOT-X22) Advanced Training Board System

Microcontroller Internet of Thing (MIOT – X22) is based on Arduino nano and ESP32 Microcontroller integrated with internet of thing function. MIOT-X22 training Board is complete set module for Microcontroller and IoT syllabus. The training board system can cover fundamental theory based on taxonomy blooms Level and hands on psychomotor that suitable for education training system. It consists of 26 on board input output module from basic to advanced application through various experiment in laboratory session

1-Arduino Nano
3-External Power
4-LED Sourcing
5-LED Sinking
6-Button Active High
7-Button Active Low
8-LDR (Light Sensor)
12-DHT 11 (Digital Temp Humidity)
13-LM35 (Analog Linear Temp)
14-Keypad 4×4
15-Bluetooth HC05/06
16-Infrared Obstacle
17-I2C LCD 16X2
19-Relay (Active High)
20-Ultrasonic Distance
21-L293D DC Motor Diver
22-High Speed DC Motor 2 Unit
23-ULN2003 Stepper Driver
24-Stepper Motor
25-Servo Motor 180 Degree
26-I/0 Control Panel

2 thoughts on “Mycest Arduino ESP32 IoT (MIOT-X22) Advanced Training Board System

  1. Hello.

    I am a teacher and researcher of educational products related to STEAM and Robotics and I would like to be able to evaluate your product Mycest Arduino ESP32 IoT (MIOT-X22) Advanced Training Board System.

    I would like you to send me the Mycest Arduino ESP32 IoT (MIOT-X22) Advanced Training Board System product so that I can carry out its analysis and prepare a report on its main characteristics.

    In the following links you can see some of my work.

    I await your news


    José Manuel Ruiz Gutiérrez
    Calle La Parra, 11, 3ºC
    13700 Tomelloso (Ciudad Real)


    1. Hi Good day, Prof Jose’ Manuel
      Thank you for interested on our product,
      we not found the link you mention, kindly drop your link some of your work for our evaluation.


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