Mycest Mini Sumo Robotic Kit (mBlock5 / Arduino C)

This kit comes with fully assemble and have a step-by-step coding building guide written in simple language and a lot of graphics to help young learners to follow along. This kit use the famous mBLock5 software to make a block coding. The robot body is using strong heavy plastic to protect robot from damage in short time of usage by kids. The function of this robot is to detect in front obstacles and avoid it by finding a new way of path. This robot suitable for education purpose and meet the requirement of Reka Bentuk Teknologi RBT Mechatronic of Form 3 and it’s depend on teacher to deliver the correct content that suit with the syllabus. With some upgrade of function this robot also can participate in creativity innovation competition but not suitable for battle competition.

Parts Included:

1x Arduino Nano board
1x Blockduino R3 expansion board
1x USB power and data cable
1x Ultrasonic sensor
2x 10mm LED module
4x DC motor with wheel
1x 9V Rechargable battery
1x Robot body (Custom Sumo)

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