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“Welcome to Malaysia Largest Electronics Project Design Team”

Yes!!! mycest the trusted name. We have build and consult over 150 -200 project per year. Do not hesitate with mycest, it comes with an indescribable quality.

Our core business is electronics project design consultation that involve with embedded system such as Arduino, ESP, Raspberry Pi Microcontroller and Microprocessor as well as Internet of Thing (IoT) using multi-cross platform such as Blynk, Node-Red, Thinkspeak, Arduino Cloud, MQTT, Teachable Machine, Node Js and etc. Our subject matter expert will guide step by step in project development that request by client specification until meet successful function of project prototype .

Our Services

Why us??

Registered company with SSM, Senego etc,
Official company bank account,
Hundreds of project track record shows,
Speedy on time project development,
Active update on Multiple Media Social Platform,
Massive Networking Support with Freelancer/Remote Engineer.

Latest Mycest Brand

The Modules

The Shields

Motor Driver Board

Training Board / Kit

(for discussion on trainer board / kit please contact us by email / whatapp / Phone call)

Latest Arduino, ESP, Raspberry Pi, IoT Project (Proof of Concept)

Training & Competency

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Email :
06 – 9753630
(+60) 196076807
(+60) 102093037

Address: HQ:
Mycest Solution (003076905-U)
Pejabat Urusan Mycest Solution
No 3 Tingkat Atas,
Jalan Bunga Cempaka 1,
Taman Bunga Cempaka Serom 6,
Sungai Mati
84400 Johor

10:00 am – 7:00 pm
10:00 am – 7:00 pm
10:00 am – 7:00 pm
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